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Romance Language Culture Club

Next Meetings

January 2019


RL Club is on hiatus, we will post the calendar here when we are back!


Officers, Etc.


Mirabelle V - President

Kaetlin C - Vice-President

Gauri R - Secretary

Ojas V - Treasurer


Mrs. Caine

Winter Celebrations

RL club treeAs we explore the Romance language countries, we will need to learn a little bit about the religious beliefs of the people. Here is a brief overview of two holiday traditions we looked at in December; Christmas trees and Christmas stockings.


The Romance Language countries celebrate Christmas during the Winter.  But did you know that some of rituals that are still practiced even today, have their roots in pre-Christian pagan rites?  The decorating and lighting of Christmas trees may be related to the times when people brought evergreen branches into their home during the winter, for decoration and to ward off sickness and evil.  Some used the greenery as a reminder that the sun gods would return and spring would be coming.  These days, you will  usually see lights and a star at the top of the tree to signify the Christmas story.  Guided by a never before seen star, three kings or wise men go to a  stable in Bethlehem where the baby Jesus has just been born and pay homage. The birth of Jesus, considered the lord and savior by Christians, marks the beginning of Christianity which would be fully adopted by the Roman Emperor Constantine 400 years later.  


A second tradition, hanging stockings by the fireplace, is also related to modern day Santa Claus!  Before we knew him as Santa, children waited for Saint Nick, or more formally, Saint Nicholas.  The story goes when he just an ordinary fellow, Nicholas was a generous man who liked to help others but not draw attention to himself. When he heard of a poor man with no money for his daughter's dowry, he waited until night and climbed on the man's roof, dropping gold coins down the chimney.  It happened that the daughter of the house and hung her wet socks up to dry by the fireplace. She was amazed to find gold coins had fallen in them while she slept.  From this sprang our tradition of hopefully putting up our stockings on Christmas eve, so that a jolly little man in a red suit will leave us gifts!


Last Meeting Minutes

Date:  12/05/18

11:20 am - room 55


  1. President Mirabelle explained the Roman traditions from pre-Christian time until Christianity and how some of our favorite holiday celebrations evolved.
  2. Secretary Gauri accepted a motion to reimburse Mrs. Caine for supplies and celebration materials used in the Day of the Dead and Halloween meetings.
  3. Mrs. Caine quickly reviewed how to make holiday ornaments and stockings
  4. Treasurer Kaetlin passed out cookies while members created their own ornaments and added to the tree.
  5. Club members were reminded to bring their passes to attend the next meeting for a holiday party.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:54

Action Items

  1. Visit our roster to add your French or Spanish name.  See Mrs. Caine in room 55 if you want a list of suggestions!  Note:  You must be invited to share the document by Mrs. Caine in order to make changes AND be using your  school google docs account.
  2. Check back on this page over Winter break for an online game, plus details about our first school-wide activity and field trip.



About our Club


Learn what kids from
other countries
do for fun!

  • No need to speak French or Spanish or Italian or Portuguese  though we hope you’ll like what you hear and pick up a phrase or two!
  • Open to 7th and 8th graders who want to hang out, make a few friends and try something new.
  • Meets in Room 55, lunch time every 1st and 3rd Wednesday.

What's an RL Club?

View our slide show to see what our club is about.