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Romance Language Culture Club

Next Meetings & Agendas

October 2018


* Final Roster
* Pick our Club Projects
* Trivia
* Raffle

* Learn some Lingo
* Cheese Tasting

Officers, Etc.


  • Mirabelle V - President

  • Kaetlin C - Vice-President

  • Gauri R - Secretary

  • Nikita C - Treasurer


Mrs. Caine

Learn what kids from other countries do for fun! 

  • No need to speak French or Spanish or Italian or Portuguese  though we hope you’ll like what you hear and pick up a phrase or two!
  • Open to 7th and 8th graders who want to hang out, make a few friends and try something new.
  • Meets in Room 55, lunch time every 1st and 3rd Wednesday.

RSVP Cheese Tasting!

You must be a 'card carrying' member to attend!

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Action Items

  1. View our slide show to see what our club is about.
  2. Visit our roster to add your French or Spanish name.  See Mrs. Caine in room 55 if you want a list of suggestions!  Note:  You must have been invited to share the document by Mrs. Caine in order to make changes AND be using your  school google docs account.
  3. Check back on this page so you can come prepared to talk about our first school-wide activity!




Design our Club Flag

We need your input!  The above flag is just not cutting it!  Use Google Docs and submit your idea of the perfect RL Culture Club flag via school loop to Mrs. Caine.  The top entries will be voted on in October and used as our Club T-shirt design.  Be relevant and appropriate. Good Luck!

9/17 Meeting Recap

Date: 9/12/18

11:20 am - room 55

Item 1) Officers were introduced. We still need to officially instate a VP - Spanish Officer and a Publicity Chair

Item 2) President Mirabelle and team presented a ...more