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Miss Chiu

Room 10

Every Monday at Lunch, Tuesday and Thursday during Homeroom

Rule of thumb: Please attend Tutorials, if... 

1) you can't do more than few questions in your assignment, then you should attend Tutorials.  

2) you need to refer to notes to do a HW assignment or need prompting from someone to complete a HW, then you need to seek another exercise to complete by yourself.

Peer Tutorials

Lunch Drop-in Peer Homework Help Every Tuesday

We are pleased to now offer drop-in Peer Homework Help available to students every Monday at lunch time.  There will be two math club students and Miss Chiu in Room 10 available to help students with their homework and assignments.  We hope this is a valuable resource to our students needing assistance.

Please bring your Homework/assignments or lunch.  If you need to buy lunch Miss Chiu will give you a "Go to Head of Lunch Line" Pass.

Things you can do to prepare for a test: IT'S NEVER TOO LATE...START TODAY

1) Make flashcards then practice!

2) Correct your HW and learn from your mistakes! Try to review or redo your HW before the test, especially HW that you had difficulty completing…

3) Come to tutorial prepared with your book, materials, and a list of questions to ask.

4) Form a study group.

5) Review your class notes/warm-up daily.

6) Use the teacher website…go over notes, HW solutions, etc.

7) Use the Khan Academy online video lessons or search any topic you need help with on YouTube.  Just beware that not all videos/online material is 100% accurate!

8) Attempt to read the book…?

9) Do additional practice problems from the text.

10) Make an exam for yourself.    


How To Take A Test

1) Follow Directions. Read and listen carefully for instructions.

2) Look over the whole test quickly at the start.

3) Do the problems you know first then come back to the hard one later.

4) Always be careful to show clearly what you are doing. Remember that the teacher is not a mind, and your grade may depend on whether or not the teacher can see from your work that you understand what you are doing.

5) Keep in mind that the one or two hours of the test are but brief moments in your life span – So don’t panic. Simply respond to questions and problems with what you know. 

HW-Help Dates and Student Tutors - First Semester