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Closing of school procedures and returning of school items
Posted 5/21/20

Hi Horner community,

I wanted to touch base with everyone to let you know that the FUSD Task force for the closing of school, has been meeting and will be providing our school sites with some guidelines we need to follow for the closing of school activities. 


I am letting you know that next week I will be posting the guidelines and protocols for parents to begin participating in the closing of school procedures for Horner Jr High.  


 Please check this school website towards the end of next week (May 26-May 29)  to see what procedures Horner will be implementing regarding the return of school supplies, textbooks and library books. 


The procedures will be clearly stated and we will continue to use the county protocols of social distancing, face mask usage and SIP guidelines when returning the school materials to Horner. 


I will be providing you with a detailed set of procedures on how to return your students materials to Horner and what dates and times these procedures will take place. 


Thank you for your patience, and we thank you in advance for adhering to the strict guidelines and procedures we will be putting into place beginning in June. 


8th grade students will have their promotion certificates and any 8th grade awards they have earned mailed to their home address this summer.  This will take place the week after school is dismissed.  There will be a separate procedure for students to pick up any PE clothes or items they have left in their lockers.  Stay tuned for those procedures as well.  If you child has borrowed a chromebook, we will be in touch with you personally about a return date and time. 


If your child has ordered a yearbook, you can opt to have the yearbook mailed to your home for a cost of $12.  This will come directly from the yearbook company.  If you opt to not have the yearbook mailed, the yearbooks will be distributed to your student when we return to school in the Fall due to the setback in timelines with yearbook completion and distribution availability.   Please see the yearbook announcement in a separate posting on our website. 


I hope all is well and that your family is safe and healthy!