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Art Club

Advisor:  Mrs. Ferry

The Art Club will meet on 1 Wednesday per month, at lunch, in Rm. A217. It is an open club which means anyone can come to any meeting. There is a limit of 36 seats per meeting. If you are late and don't fit, come to the next one. We will be designing coloring posters for Horner this year. The first meeting is September 21 at lunch. Listen to the bulletin for updates and future meeting dates! 

Board Game Academy 

Advisor:  Mr. Martin

Do your eyes hurt when staring at a screen all day? Do you enjoy hanging out with your friends with a little friendly competition? Did you know that playing board games will help your memory and strengthen your brain? Besides the cognitive benefits, they are fun and a great time to hangout with friends! Join the Board Game Academy to play board games, card games, miniature games, and more with your friends! Board games of varying difficulty will be provided to students to enjoy.  Enjoy games such as Exploding Kittens, Chameleon, Coup, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, and more. 

If you would like to donate funds or board games/card games please reach out to Mr. Martin at

Students must complete a permission slip and waiver with parental permission and acknowledgement of club rules.

Buddy Club

Advisor:  Ms. Ojeda

The Buddy Club is a place for kids like yourselves to be a buddy with a student with special needs. It will help them meet new people and you'll get to know them while hanging out at lunch and doing activities. Food will not be allowed, so please eat your lunch before or after the meeting. The first 2 meetings will be on September 21st and 28th in Rm. A204. Come join our club and meet a new friend! 

Buddy Club Dates: September 28, October 12 & 26, November 9 &16, December 7 & 21, January 11 & 25, February 8 & 22, March 1,15 & 29, April 5, 19 & 26, May 3 & 10.

Card Cave

Advisor:  Mr. Lucero

The Card Cave is all about cards and we don’t discriminate on anyone. Anyone is allowed to come and hang out and look at cards of any type. Typically the most popular nowadays are football, basketball, baseball, and Pokémon. However, soccer and F1 Racing have gotten a spike in interest as of late. Kids can show their collections to their peers or trade cards. I will also be hosting raffles in which students can earn free card packs. They can use principal bucks or buzz bucks for free cards or packs as well. This club is just about people who love cards of any type.  Meetings are Wednesday’s at lunch in Rm. C133!

Coding Club & Vex Robotics

Advisor:  Mr. Whalley

This year we will be starting our Horner Coding Club and Vex Robotics later in September. Typically there are more than a hundred interested students; both space and equipment  limit the number of members who can be part of each club. We will be selecting the club officers in the next few weeks, so if interested be sure to click the box that you are interested in being an officer. After selecting officers, I will lottery the remaining spots equally between 6,7,8 grade students interested in their respective club. We will convene our first club meeting later this month. 

Vex Robotics Club meetings will be held select Thursdays each month. 

Coding Club will occur select Tuesdays at lunch. 

More details will be emailed out after club officers and members are chosen.

Thank you for your interest!

Dance Club

Advisor: Mr. Steckler

Come check out the Horner Dance Club! This club, which focuses on hip-hop, meets on Tuesdays, starting November 15, in Rm. C133. Anyone is welcome, even if you have not signed up or are not on the club waiting list. We will be auditioning and picking 20 dancers. Hope to see you there!

Drama Club

Advisor:  Ms. Vogel

This student run 'in progress' club is an informal chance to try different types of drama including improv, skits and maybe a full play down the line.  Our goal is to improve acting skills and have fun.  We will meet in Rm. 55 on Tuesdays. Space is limited to 30 students.

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Advisor:  Mr. Steckler

The Dungeons & Dragons Club will meet at lunch in Room 56 on Mondays. Dungeons & Dragons (D&D for short) is about going on adventures with goals along the way--creating your own custom character according to your imagination and game rules, interacting as a collaborative adventuring party, working your way through riddles/traps/puzzles, and fighting enemies to gain wealth and experience for your characters. Our adventures are called "campaigns" and are led by dungeon masters (or DM). DMs can even create their own campaigns with unique story lines and character interactions. 

This club requires an open mind but is inclusive to all.

Dungeon Master training will begin in September, with regular character creation and campaigns starting in November.

Horner Pride 

Advisor:  Ms. Mazerlev

The Horner Pride is a student-led and student-organized school club that aims to create a safe, welcoming, and accepting school environment for all youth, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Everyone is welcome.  First meeting is September 9th at lunch in Rm. 55.

The club will meet regularly on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month in Rm. 55.

Interact Club

Advisor:  Mr. Valencia

The Interact is a community service club that is the student version of Rotary International. As a club, we meet monthly to discuss local fundraisers to raise money for both local and international charities. We also participate in local community service events, such as book drives, writing cards for the elderly, or writing nice notes to fellow students. We also participate in area-wide events that involve other FUSD high schools.

The club will meet on Thursday, October 6th in Room P52  to talk about the upcoming Fall Leadership Conference. We will also be doing a small service that involves writing letters to elders in need. New members are welcome to come, but we can only hold up to 36 people for the meeting.

Here is the club's Google Classroom code: wjs5d6k

Music Club

Advisor:  Mr. Lorigan

Music Club is the leadership council for Horner’s music classes. They help plan logistics for concerts and field trips, develop fundraisers for the music department, and plan decorations for the music room and concert venues. Music club is open to all students in Horner’s music classes.

Meeting day is the first Wednesday of the month in Rm. B101.

Soccer Club

Advisor:  Mr. Padron

The Soccer Club provides students the opportunity to come out and play soccer out on the field at lunch everyday.  No skills necessary, only the desire to come out and play, exercise and meet new people.  Our club meetings will be the first Friday of the month at lunch in Rm. A130.  During the meetings we will learn about different soccer teams, positions, plays and the upcoming world cup.  We will also use this time to help us organize when we are out on the field and address safety concerns and rules of the game.  Everyone is welcome! No soccer skills are necessary.

Yarny Arts Club

Advisor: Ms. Smullen

The Yarny Arts Club invites crocheters and knitters of all levels to come craft a yarn creation. We will meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month, during lunch, in Rm. A214. Bring a project you're working on, a project you want help with, or your desire to learn! There will be a small amount of yarn and some tools for students to borrow during lunchtime club meetings.

I look forward to seeing what you create!