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Attendance Policy

Starting this school year 2022-2023, ALL students are expected to return to school. 





  • Students who are not in the classroom when the teacher takes roll call will be marked absent.

  • Students who leave the classroom without permission will be marked absent and could warrant a cut in class.


  • Students arriving at school late for period 1, 10 or less minutes will go straight to class and the teacher will mark them tardy. 

  • Students arriving at school 11 or more minutes late will report to the office for a tardy pass.


  • PARENTS please call (510) 656-4000 and press 7 or email the attendance clerk,Mari Escudero (A-K) at or  Karen Joe (M-Z) at 

    • Clearly state (or spell out) the student’s first and last name, ID number (if known), reason for absence, your name, and number where you can be reached at.

    • Please allow 24 hours for the absence to be coded. If the absence has not been cleared, you may receive an automated call.

    • If you do not return the attendance clerk’s notification of absence by the end of the day, the student’s absence will be marked unexcused.


  • If a student has an appointment during school hours, PARENTS MUST CALL in the morning to allow the office staff ample time to escort the student from the class.

  • A parent must sign out the student before leaving the school.

  • If returning to school, the student must sign in at the office and collect a timestamped pass before returning to class.

  • Only medical, dental, orthodontic or valid appointments will be considered excused.