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Attendance - Report an Absence

Please call the school by 9:00 am. Please call (510) 656-4000, press 7. 
Be ready to provide the following: 

  1. Your Name and call back phone #; 
  2. Student’s Name, not the nickname, but the legal name; 
  3. Student’s ID#, if known; 
  4. Date of Absence(s) and reason for absence; 
  5. Student’s 1st period Teacher, not the Homeroom teacher. 

Should you receive a second call about an absence, please call the absence line again and leave another message. When writing a note for an absence, please include the above information. Also, remember to sign and date the note. 
If your student is arriving late to school, the student needs to check into the office to get a Tardy Pass. 
If your student needs to leave school for an appointment please call the office the morning, or send the student to the office with a note before school or let the office know the day before. This will allow time for the office to get the student out of class and have the student in the office upon your arrival; minimizing your wait time. 
Lastly, State regulations permit excused absences only in cases of illness, medical/dental or optometric examinations. All other absences are considered unexcused for Attendance accounting purposes.