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Counselors' Corner Intro


Welcome to Horner and the middle school experience where hormones are high and brain power is growing!

At Horner incoming students will have a school counselor assigned to them based off of their last name and grade level.  Hopefully students will use them as a resource during their entire school experience in Fremont.


What is the role of a school counselor and why do students come to see a school counselor?

Counselors support students in their academic, social and emotional development. Students see counselors for a multitude of reasons. Here are just a few examples:

  • A student wants to go to Stanford or UC Berkeley and she wants to know what are the requirements.
  • A student received his first D grade and is struggling in Math, he wants to know what to do.
  • A student just experienced a death in the family and is extremely emotional and can't seem to focus in class.
  • A student is taking honors classes and he is stressed-out from the academic load.
  • A student has a conflict with her best friend and needs assistance in resolving the conflict.



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