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Counseling Services

Our Counselors offer a wide range of services for our students and families. If students would like to see a Counselor, they may complete Appointment Requests in the main office or send an email to their Counselor.  Also, our Counselors have an open door policy if students want to drop by their office before school or at lunch to ask a question or request appointments.  Parents may arrange appointments with a Counselor by phone or email. Highlights of some of our Counseling Services are listed below for your convenience.

Classroom Presentations

Counselors present information from college   and career to social and emotional development in order to build confidence, personal awareness, problem-solving skills, and positive peer relationships.

Individual & Group Counseling

Students meet individually with their Counselors or as a group to address social and emotional or academic concerns. Referrals are through staff, parent, peer or self. Your counselor may also provide you with referrals for outside agencies that provide individual or family counseling.  

Parent Conferences

Counselors welcome parents in the joint planning of their students' academic and developmental goals and are available for parent meetings.

Peer Conflict Mediation

Counselors promote tolerance and respect for our diverse student population and hold meetings to resolve conflicts between students.

Student Study Team (SST) Meetings

SST meetings are held to assist struggling students with strategies that may help improve their academic performance as well as refer for special education assessment.